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Aerial Filmworks: Cineflex V14 Grand Canyon

Demo Reels : Ron Chapple's Videos : Aerial Filmworks: Cineflex V14 Grand Canyon

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Aerial Filmworks: Cineflex V14 Grand Canyon
on Oct 25, 2009 at 3:39:24 am
United States
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Aerial Filmworks is working with the Grand Canyon National Park to film the national park in HD video using the Cineflex V14. The gyro-stabilized aerial system uses an integrated Sony CineAlta HDC1500 [more]
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Re: Aerial Filmworks: Cineflex V14 Grand Canyon
by mike moncrief
Looks awesome..nice work

Mike Moncrief
Re: Aerial Filmworks: Cineflex V14 Grand Canyon
by George Mizzell
Gorgeous camera work and obviously very patient to get a day with the weather like that. I have been there on vacation before and it was very hard to get anywhere near that level of detail with a Nikon still camera let alone video. Great job on the fly over shots.

George Mizzell
The SupermagnetMan
by Carl Jones
Nice to see a real artisan with a creative eye behind a camera. Your work is excellent and capitvating. Thanks for shariing your talent with us. Nice music score too. - Carl
Stunning Work
by Landon McCrary
As I watched this incredible work my first thought was stunning. After viewing my first question was how long did it take to produce this outstanding piece? Then I read that it took 8 months of coordination. Well done!

Absolutely captivating . . .
by Michael LaFortune
Beautiful wide angle aerial. Thanks for sharing with the CreativeCow Community.
by Rafael Amador
Magic, breathtaking,.. smooth... beautiful! Great footage! Johan
by Johan Kjoha smooth... beautiful! Great footage!
by Tomas Zoricak
It is AMAZING, perfect sound......what is it for ?
An answer to Xu Kun about the meaning of "Demo Reel"
by Ron Lindeboom
Hello Xu Kun,

The words demo reels in English refer to:

Demo = a shortened form of the word "demonstration"

Reel = a film industry term that refers to the film in a can or reel. It also has been used to refer to a "reel" of work by a cinematographer, editor or VFX artist to show their work. In today's world, the term includes a digital movie such as you see here in the COW.

So, the term "demo reel" is a reel or digital movie that demonstrates the work of someone who shoots or edits film or video, or does effects work.

I hope that helps you understand.

Ron Lindeboom
very beautiful!Love this video! what dose
by Xu Kun
very beautiful!Love this video!
what dose the words"demo reels" mean,please?My English skill was serious.
Amazing footage, Ron. Simply stunning.
by Ron Lindeboom
Some of the very nicest aerial footage I have ever seen. Great work, Ron.
Perfectly smooth and gorgeous!
by Jason Jenkins
Perfectly smooth and gorgeous!
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