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AHAVTI LIKRO - Metzuyarim Basalon

Demo Reels : Music Video : Adam Lewen's Videos : AHAVTI LIKRO - Metzuyarim Basalon

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AHAVTI LIKRO - Metzuyarim Basalon
on Jan 24, 2010 at 8:04:27 am
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A Music video for Israel’s Metzuyarim Basalon.
Video projections of pre-made After Effects animations were used on and around the band, creating different set designs.
Nostalgic moments by the sin [more]
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Great idea
by Adam Milburn
I'm going to give you 4 stars cos I think you have really tried to go beyond with this one, and I admire that. My one criticism would have been to have cut the captured footage up a bit more, but I'm guessing the one long shot was what you were after. Good stuff.
Paper dolls -
by Jim Hines
Neat idea - a bit of a unique take on the current Pop up book/paper doll trend - It's fairly well realized - the last shot is I guess a kind of give away shot - I didn't like that - felt like an excuse or saftey pretense - ya know? - like here's how I did it just in case you didn't buy into it - I would prefer to be left with the illusion even if it doesn't completely work at times - anyway like i say I enjoyed your take on this - what bothered me was the kind of double key - I don't know how to describe it - but if you look down around where their jump suits are swaying around the ankles - "and" there is also a dark silohuette - that kind of distracted from the illusion for me - song is okay - nice guitar solo - very gentle feel - I might have a different over all impression if I saw it at full rez - I wish I could give it 3.5 but I'm going with 3 - all things averaged out. It's a clever idea - Rock on!
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