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ALL Y'ALL - Gringo Star

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ALL Y'ALL - Gringo Star
on Jan 20, 2010 at 12:49:49 am
United States
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A new years eve party turns crunk.
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Thanks JIM!
by Bryan Bankovich
Thanks Jim for the kind comment. You hit it right on the head- making videos for me is almost like a spiritual ritual. Having fun is the most important thing, and we definitely had a lot of fun shooting this. Is it possible to COW rate my own video...? (COW Admins say: NO, self votes don't count.)
Everybody in
by Jim Hines
even the confederates(?) LOL - Ya wanna know why this is an easy 5 cows for me? Because you're having fun - and it shows up in this video - that's rock n roll - bringing everybody together around a simple riff a keg a beer and a cheap video camera - I luv it. It's not just about how much you spent on your production or special effects and animation - it's about having fun together - having a sense of humor and not taking ourselves so seriously and you managed to capture that on this day - really good cut from from what I can tell. Rock on!
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