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amoeba showreel 09

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amoeba showreel 09
on May 13, 2009 at 10:17:05 pm
United Kingdom
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amoeba is a uk based, motion designer/music video director evolving in 1995,
Clients Include: MTV, Channel 4, ITV, wall of sounds, kompost records, soma records. [more]
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Re: amoeba showreel 09
by Toni de Paula
Very nice,
keep up the astonishing work.
What softs do u work with?
by Bob Coleman
Love it!I actually found it compelling to watch and would like to see more! Soundtrack was a good compliment to the visuals too. Well done!
by Carmina Soler
I love it!! Amazing graphics!!
by Rachel Hurvitz
sick work I love the fast paced intricate style, im jealous.
amazing but...
by Carlos Sosa
Really nice textures and style, but I just couldn't finish watching repetitive and too fast to handle,
Great Work
by Andrew Saliga
Lots of talent, but I agree with Bill. Long and repetitive.
Very very good.
by Bill Dawson
This is an excellent, eclectic collection. 5 Cows!

A minor critique: a bit long and a little repetitive. One of the selling points of your work is its diversity. It starts feeling less diverse once you've seen another clip from the same animation. You had me by a minute or so into the reel, but then it started to feel like a loop.

Also the pounding music induced a migraine in my non-designer wife.

Great stuff.
by Heather Crank
LOVE THIS!!!! Gorgeous work!
Another wow
by Tim Wilson
Scary, scary good. I love how rich the textures are. I really haven't seen very much like this before.
wow again
by stephen mally
nice work hagbard, lots of design styles and excellent
motion treatments and ideas.

we likey a lotty.

steph+the team
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