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ANA'S PLAYGROUND - official trailer

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ANA'S PLAYGROUND - official trailer
on Dec 21, 2009 at 3:47:22 pm
United States
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Ana’s Playground is an allegory about the moment when a child is forced to choose between ideology and humanity while living and playing in a dangerous war environment.

Production was made possib [more]
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Congratulations, Eric, on your inclusion in the San Luis Obispo Film Festival
by Ron Lindeboom
Kathlyn and I were quite saddened to find out today that Ana's Playground is playing at the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival tonight, and we have a meeting that we cannot get out of and so we won't be there to see it. We really wanted to see this one. But congratulations on your inclusion in the festival. We hope that yo do well in it.

Ron & Kathlyn Lindeboom
by Ben Hughes
This is great. Looks so professional, and the story is very interesting. Looks like a big budget movie. And the acting of those kids is spot on. I'd really like to know who the composer of that music is. Great job.
Well crafted.
by Eric Howell
Great music, color, and energy. Creates an emotion which is difficult to do. Kudos to editor and composer.
by Stephen Heiden
Innocence promised then premise dissipates.
Pretty good but
by Scott Koué
Too long, well it felt that way. You make your point early and then it doesn't really go anywhere. A trailer is a mini film and needs to have a story arc. So we get the whole story about a third of the way through and then it sort of loops till the end. It's technically well done but I'm not left wanting more and in fact the last two thirds dilute the power of the first third. I would either make it shorter or stretch out the story so there is a climax at the end. I think you tried that with the guy with the gun but we see him pointing a lot and very early and we also hear a shot well before the end of the trailer. In the stretch out category (based on shots I saw in the trailer) I would show only the gun handling early, probably about where you do. Then about 1/2 way again show some playing around with the gun, maybe a look through the sight but not an aim. Then after you have the play arc (ball goes over the fence) we get to the end she's running, he's aiming, she's frozen standing, cut to black then the shot, or not. That seems to be what your aiming at but you give it all away too early and no real cliffhanger at the end. Make me NEED to know what happens.
by David Dobson
Great contrast of images - fresh.
by Shian Storm
excellent quality...great trailer. Not my kind of film, I don't think....but well done.
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