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aphex logo - unfinished

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aphex logo - unfinished
on Jun 1, 2011 at 9:32:33 pm
animated logo for a small production company called aphex - unfinished
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Help on animating logo
by Chris Read
I'm doing an animated logo for a friend and could with a bit of help on something. Ive put a link to the vid below, its unfinished obviously and i havn't created the 'x' appearing yet to complete the word aphex, i want the film reel to go through the middle of the 'x' as it appears so any ideas for that would be great, but the main problem im having is creating the reel coming out of the 'x'. I used a simple motion path to move the reel and autoscroll to move the frames, then warp to distort it, but im finding impossible to create a decent way to make come out underneath once through the 'x', i'm also going to make it have color once through the 'x'. Any ideas on this are always well received very appreciated.

Chris Read

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