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Artem Ludyankov -- commercials, broadcast and motion graphics reel

Demo Reels : artem ludyankov's Videos : Artem Ludyankov -- commercials, broadcast and motion graphics reel

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Artem Ludyankov -- commercials, broadcast and motion graphics reel
on May 20, 2009 at 7:24:39 pm
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This is my demo reel. It's contain works for tv and commercial video. Please have a look more my works here: Please feel free comment my works. I need your opinion as [more]
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by Paul James Chatman
I concur with Eric. I was expecting the same old, same old -- but THIS was f- amazing. It inspired me to do a better job with my Digital Juice motion design assets. Thanks.

Uhm, I thought it was Ukrainian..not Russian. Sorry, ignorant American here.
by nsnaveen
Great motion graphics. i like your style. this was the first time iam seeing Russian demo reel it very impressive. thanks for sharing.

Very Impressive
by Eric Woods
While I didn't have a translator with me, I was still impressed visually. The most impressive aspect was how diverse it was. With many REELs I feel like I am watching the same animation over and over. This had alot of variety. Great job!
privyiot comrade
by hagbard celine
brilliant reel and lovely russian typography, colour use and motion styles. Everytime I visit Moscow and Russia Im so impressed with the quality and creativity of the russian design/vj/av scene. keep the faith, brilliant work, inspirational.

You have a fabulous reel, Artem
by Ron Lindeboom
Thank you for being a part of Creative COW. We are proud to have you here.

The COW Team
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