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Bad tracking

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Bad tracking
on Jul 27, 2011 at 4:08:00 pm
Here is a video the shows the issue I have when importing tracking data from Mocha to AE CS5.5.
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Re: Bad tracking
by Pat Russell
Actually things have been working out pretty good lately. The problem I was having was that I had the frame rate off in one of the steps, even though I looked and looked I somehow kept missing it. The couple of things I have found that cause issues are frame rates and trim edits, both of which will throw tracking points off. Are you using the mocha import script? I really like how it works. I can make a video of the steps I take if that would help.
Re: Bad tracking
by Matthew Laurence
I am having the same problem - even with apparently good tracking data (or so it would seem from the plan in Mocha), my track comes out completely off. Have you gotten any feedback or insight into this? Thanks!

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