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Barbecue Showreel 2009

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Barbecue Showreel 2009
on Jan 22, 2010 at 8:19:01 am
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Our very first Showreel...
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Truly inspiring ... wow!
by Tim Kocher
I am truly amazed ... it was nearly a cinematic experience. Very emotional response on my end to your reel. You are truly working on a level I always dream I will one day reach. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the inspiration.


PS> Great "Orbs" tutorials as well ... thoroughly enjoyed those. Your English is just fine, btw. :) Have you ever considered doing voice-over work? You have great potential there as well.
Thank you very much for your
by Ruediger Chmielus
Thank you very much for your compliments.
We really appreciate it!
Katja -Barbecue is our company and we are located in Frankfurt/Main.
Greetings from there;)
Frage (Question)
by Katja Stotmeister
Frage, gehörst du zu einer Firma, oder hast du das im Studium gemacht oder wie habt ihr die Finanzielle Unterstützung dafür bekommen? Arbeitest du in Deutschland?

English: Question, do you belong to a company, or did you do that in the study or how did you get the financial support for this? Do you work in Germany?
Thank you very much!
by Ruediger Chmielus
A big credits goes to the editor David Fabra.
Greetings from Frankfurt,
Superb, one of the best showreels
by daniel spagnol
Superb, one of the best showreels i,ve ever seen. keep it up
Definitely one of the very finest reels in the COW
by Ron Lindeboom
Amazing body of work. Truly stunning, Ruediger. Makes me wish I had a sixth COW to award you. The reel is one of the best edited, most artistic and well conceived among the well beyond 1,000 demo reels here.
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