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Big Bang

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Big Bang
on Aug 28, 2009 at 5:57:39 pm
United States
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Big Bang

This is a short film featuring Janna Levin, a Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Barnard College of Columbia University. Her scientific research concerns the Early Universe, Chaos, and [more]
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@Big Bang
by Harvey Wiesenberg
Though I like the way how you switched between the big bang and the professor,I thought the grayish blue transition was a wasted transition and dull.Still it wasn't bad.

Re: Big Bang
by Michael Locke
Well done. Seemed longer than two minutes. Effects inspire the imagination, and pull the viewer into the narrative. Work I would expect from WGBH; good company.
Exceptional 3D
by Anthony Giola
As a 3D artist myself this is absolutely amazing 3D but I just wanted to know. In a recent video i saw on youtube some college kid who probably has cracked versions of these programs but oh well, did some of the best 3D work i have seen in my life. I mean these were amazing! The name of the movie is V-Tal AMD Phenom editing contest. Go watch it! I only know about it because I have an interest in playing games but this kid managed to actually replicate a game and make a game into a editable 3D poly. To be able to do this as a college student is just amazing. If anyone finds it a download link please upload it to this website.
Nice Work
by Ian Vallely
Not sure about the BIG BANG, interesting to listen to though and video supports really well. :-)
Nice but....
by Terry Esslinger
Just being picky, I felt the background music or sound effects were too loud for the narrative. Won't get into the origin of the universe thing!
Take note, Science channel!
by Greg Neumayer
Very nice. I'm always wishing the people producing for the Science channel had more budget for this sort of thing (not to mention the usually awful opening titles!)
Very nice animation. I'm curious, do
by Jim Rupp
Very nice animation.
I'm curious, do we have any other examples of something coming from nothing? Has it ever been re-created in a lab or anywhere else observable?
Also, what do you mean by "potential" existed? Did "potential" ever not exist?

If something coming from nothing is not re-producible wouldn't it be outside the realm of science? IE: What we call a miracle.
We are featuring your short film in today's Creative COW Newsletter, Kelsey
by Ron Lindeboom
Congratulations on being selected as one of the featured short films in today's Creative COW Newsletter. Great work, Kelsey.
by Tim Langston
Maybe we're too interested in looking at what man has created on this small screen and not the message that's being presented? "started with nothing"? after hearing that I had trouble watching the rest. I thought I had faith in God, but I think Janna has greater faith in "nothing". Now near the end of the piece she says "we know something happened". Yes, something did happen....In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth......

The animation was very good, what was used? What camera was used for the shoot? Looked very nice.
great little piece
by Adam Rahn
awesome work, great lighting, graphics worked really well. overall very interesting to watch :)
by Tim Wilson
I watch a buuuuuuuunch of this kind of thing, and this is exceptional. You've found a terrific presenter, and lit and shot her really, really well. So where's the next 50 minutes? :-)
Awesome animations
by Alan Tonn
Nice work on the animations, what was used?
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