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BLACK COFFIN - His Orchestra

Demo Reels : Music Video : Leah McKissock's Videos : BLACK COFFIN - His Orchestra

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BLACK COFFIN - His Orchestra
on Jan 17, 2010 at 8:31:53 pm
United States
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This is an original music video I directed for His Orchestra. The goal was to explore simple yet profoundly memorable imagery while still maintaining a low budget.
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good concept...
by Paul Nordin
This had a pretty cabaret-style feel to it. But the production values were just a little too low to really sink into as a viewer. With the seams on the floor you should have framed the start of your dolly-back higher. Things like that. The lighting was not very interesting and set design needed some extra flares in the background.
Hardly a dull moment
by David Ruck
Fun and creative! My eyes were glued to the screen the whole time. Profoundly memorable imagery on a low budget. Mission accomplished.
My opinions only
by Jim Hines
Okay - this is a great effort and my over all impression can be summed up in one word "almost". You have a solid artistic concept - to me it's "almost" saying - Sophistication - Elegance - Sexy - the reason I say almost is because of tiny details that when I as a third party viewer see them they subtract from that impression - for instance; the little fastner on the umbrellas should have been removed and the fact that the umbrellas are wrinkly - the floor - the way you have the back drop little hightlights the seams in the floor and that subracts from the "elegance" - It's a good song - you did achieve a lot - I'm not privy to your budget - but I'm guessing you had to pay your dancers (whom) I would have highlited more - I like the "one man band" at 1:44 - I thought the cuts were a bit jumpy for this piece. Umm - the lead singer is very appealing in a John Mayer kinda way - ultimately my scoring isn't going to make or break you in this contest - I think you did a really good job but I'm scoring it a 4 - rock on!
Love the umbrella's and the use
by Tim Visterin
Love the umbrella's and the use of the colors...

An awesome piece of work, Leah
by Ron Lindeboom
With a sound that is quite fresh yet reminiscent of Harry Nilsson at times, this is a wonderful work and your use of lighting and color elements is quite effective. I really liked it and appreciated the flow and the ambiance you created. Good work.
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