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Blare Films Demo Reel

Demo Reels : Ryan Sinor's Videos : Blare Films Demo Reel

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Blare Films Demo Reel
on Oct 4, 2010 at 6:39:38 pm
United States
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Blare Films is a client-focused, Las Vegas video production company concentrating on the development of powerful and creative television commercials, corporate videos, short/feature films and music vi [more]
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Demo Reels
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Blare Films Demo Reel
by Ryan Sinor

We either shot, colored, DP'ed, or directed all this footage that was shot on the revolutionary RED One Camera. This camera has truly brought the power of filmmaking to the hands of the masses. The RED One is capable of beautiful images right out of the box and even more than that the RAW nature of the captured footage means that a user can color and grade the format in a way that few other cameras can offer. When you rent the camera from you will be getting an experienced operator and/or tech capable of filling anyone in on the complete RED shooting and rental experience.
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