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Boys of Bonneville Movie Trailer

Demo Reels : Trailer : John Greene's Videos : Boys of Bonneville Movie Trailer

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Boys of Bonneville Movie Trailer
on Mar 24, 2011 at 1:52:38 pm
United States
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"Boys of Bonneville: Racing on a Ribbon of Salt” reveals an unsung hero and self-made man who pioneered the Bonneville Salt Flats as the Fastest Place o [more]
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Re: Boys of Bonneville Movie Trailer
by Alan Smith
When is it available and where do I get a copy????
Re: Boys of Bonneville Movie Trailer
by Alan Smith
This looks to be the next biggest thing on DVD since American Grafitti, Grease, Deuce of Spades or even The California Kid, from what I ave seen on the trailers it is going to be a hit. Where can I get a copy/
Re: Boys of Bonneville Movie Trailer
by Tim Johnson
Great stuff, John! This looks awesome.

Tim Johnson | Graff!c Jam | Salt Lake City, UT
Re: Video: Boys of Bonneville Movie Trailer
by Scott Roberts
Yeah this looks pretty great. Nice job. This looks more appealing to me than that one Anthony Hopkins movie with the similar, yet dramatized, subject matter from a few years ago. When it becomes accessible to mid-west folk like myself, I'd love to know where/when I could check it out!
@Scott Roberts
by John Greene
Boys of Bonneville: On a Ribbon of Salt will be showing at the Geneva (IL) Film Festival April 16. Also: Sarasota Film Festival April 13 & 14. Buffalo-Niagara Film Festival April 15. And the Arizona International Film Festival (Tucson) April 17. Hopefully the Geneva IL showing is near enough! Thanks!
Re: Boys of Bonneville Movie Trailer
by Stephen Smith
This is a great trailer John. It was a privilege to work on the Boys of Bonneville film.

Stephen Smith
Utah Video Productions

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@Stephen Smith
by John Greene
Thanks to you for all of your (usual) fantastic work on the film - your patience with us and myself in particular. Truly could not have done it without you and Ray at Lone Peak Productions.
Re: Boys of Bonneville Movie Trailer
by John Greene
Thanks indeed. We had a of footage to begin with for sure, but after working it down into the 81 minute movie you get to know the best shots pretty well. It's a great story and we're looking very much forward to a greater audience being able to learn about our subject.
Re: Boys of Bonneville Movie Trailer
by Mark Suszko
Lovely execution. The build with the music works well. A little long, yet I didn't mind because it was all very interesting. I can imagine how much work it was to get and process all the historic footage into an edit. The car as the anchor point between history and the present works well for me. Best of luck with this, it should do well in festivals. I could imagine this on History, Speed, or Discovery channels. (If they ever get tired of running reality-based soap operas first)
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