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Bree Street

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Bree Street
on Jul 10, 2009 at 1:31:12 pm
South Africa
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This short film attempts to capture an event that took place in Johannesburg a few years back amongst the taxi operators who are continuously at war with each other and how the 'ordinary people' alway [more]
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Re: Bree Street
by Michael Locke
Impact. You're not in Kansas anymore. Welcome to how most of the world lives. The short is a chance to be today's newsreel, not seen on Entertainment Tonight. Keep telling the untold...
well done
by Alex Meyers
very nicely portrayed, good acting, impressive stuff all around
a strong story
by Anthony Giola
This is a very moving story but to be honest I just dont understand some of it. I will probably have to watch it again to understand.
I don't know what to say
by Terry Esslinger
The lighting was too dark, hard to make out things, but not sure I wanted to make them out. Very Blair Witch. I know nothing about the subject it was based on but to me this was done VERY PROFESSIONALLY. KUDOS.
Well captured
by Roxana Brivent-Barnes
Congratulations, a short story, well captured and interesting to watch.
Congratulations on being featured in today's COW newsletter, Joe
by Ron Lindeboom
Our editors today picked your short film as one of the featured shorts in today's Creative COW Newsletter. Congratulations, Joe. You have communicated a powerful story.
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