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Calvin Scibilia 08'-09' Video Reel

Demo Reels : Calvin Scibilia's Videos : Calvin Scibilia 08'-09' Video Reel

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Calvin Scibilia 08'-09' Video Reel
on Dec 21, 2009 at 8:27:14 pm
United States
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This is my first reel, I am trying to learn After Effects better (still new to it). This is mostly to show my video projects I have done in the past year or so. Please give me feed back
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Critique? If you wish to get more "umph!" out of this...
by Ron Lindeboom
The intro drags. The same element repeats over and over. Shorten this reel to 45 seconds or 60 seconds max. Quit repeating the same clips and sequences. If you shorten it and make it move more quickly through the elements, and make the audience feel like they are seeing fresh images not the same ones over and over, it would be far more effective.
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