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Camera Showreel 2001

Demo Reels : Ethan Duffy's Videos : Camera Showreel 2001

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Camera Showreel 2001
on May 16, 2011 at 11:47:18 pm
United Kingdom
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A short run through what I've filmed while studying media at Salford. Mainly a mix of drama and factual tv. Only 3½ minutes long, I'm just starting out so your viewership and criticism would be muc [more]
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Re: Camera Showreel 2001
by Ethan Duffy
Yeah, I had hoped the 45 secs at the start was snappy enough, then with some longer examples to give a bit more context to anybody still watching! Thanks for watching.

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Re: Video: Camera Showreel 2001
by Fliques Osman
You have a very decent demo. My only opinion is that you want only the best "money shot" in your demo. So maybe look at triming it down. Other then that keep up the good work!
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