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Canon 70D low light test

Demo Reels : Video : Harry Mao's Videos : Canon 70D low light test

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Canon 70D low light test
on Aug 17, 2015 at 2:09:17 am
Canon 70D low light test
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Re: Canon 70D low light test
by Harry Mao
I think I'm having issue with my Canon 70D in low light situation.
Comparing to other people who have done low light comparison on 70D on youtube. Some of them have ISO set to as high as 1600 in low light, and it seems reasonably fine.

I shot my video with 50mm lens at 1080p 30fps, f1.8 and ISO 250
I am having significantly and noticeable noise in my test video. And even some ugly 'lines' in the top right part of the video.
Why is my footage like that even when my ISO is relatively very low comparing to others using 1600 and still be fine.
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