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Charles Chandler's Reel

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Charles Chandler's Reel
on Oct 31, 2010 at 2:08:27 am
United States
I wanted to make a demo reel. As you can see I like the no narration style with music. I am the kind of person who feels quite at home communing with nature. The backdrop for the film is Baja, Calif [more]
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Demo Reels
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Re: Charles Chandler's Reel
by Charles Chandler
Want to view it in higher quality?

At Vimeo

Like the Music?

Artist: Eric W0llo (yes that is spelled W(zero)llo), song name: Destiny, Album name: Blue Sky, Red Guitars.

Want to purchase the music?​us/​album/​destiny/​id23404410?i=23404371&uo=4

Charles Chandler
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