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Demo Reels : Music Video : Jonathan pannacciò's Videos : CHIMNEY SWEEPER - Vinegar Socks

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on Feb 11, 2010 at 4:43:28 pm
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music video for the rock band Vinegar Socks - directed and animated by Jonathan Pannacciò - Rat creatives -
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The more I see this one...
by Ron Lindeboom
...the more I realize why I like it so much. It is not only one of my favorite musical pieces in the contest but the video has moments where it is quite "Coraline" in its feel and in the sensibility of its world, etc. It really is a great bit of work and again, Jonathan, my hat's off to you for your work and artistry.
nicely incorporated motion graphic with green
by sami uddin
nicely incorporated motion graphic with green screen.
by Noelle Vaccese
I love the style you animated this in. It reminds me of the series of unfortunate events titles and fits perfectly with this song, which I also like a great deal. Great use of light, pattern and texture. You did a great job fitting the live action in your scenery. Awesome work!
Can you give us some detail on how you created this video
by Shayne Burnem
Hi, can you give us some detail on how you created this music video? I love it!
I love your work too, my
by sara tagariello
I love your work too, my dearest collegue!
hi to everyones *^_^*
by Jonathan pannacciò
thanks Ron and Kathlyn for your comments.
dont worry Jim, your comment at least i feel positive, any way you are totaly free to express your opinion..and how i saw around the contest, you have a lot of opinions :) cheers!

Hope I didn't leave the wrong impression -
by Jim Hines
Possibly it would be more appropriate for me to judge these on their own merits as opposed to comparing them to other entries - I try to express myself honestly in critiquing these - I know the hard work and care that go into making animations and videos - art is such a personal thing - then some jackalope like me just comes on an leaves his two cents - I should have mentioned more of what I liked - for instance- the first shot with the light coming from the moon revealing dark impenetrable clouds - and again beginning at 1:09 the combination of the moon light and the lighthouse subtly revealing the activity in the dark ocean - followed by the camera dip to black transition on the light house beaming through the fog - and continuing the motion with a similiar move exposing the wolves - very evocative and moody. I've mentioned the waning moon in my earlier post. The song has a nice intensity to it - the violin adds an old world gypsy flavor - so - best wishes for sure.
Wonderful work, Jonathan
by Ron Lindeboom
A wonderful piece of work. One of my favorite videos in the contest.
Beautiful work
by Kathlyn Lindeboom
We have several "live band" in animated backgrounds, but this one is very well done. I like the music and the story of the video.
Side by side comparison
by Jim Hines
Okay - since this is a contest and your video is very similar to another in this contest called Seventeen by Matt Kresling - at least to me it is - I mean in terms of technique and the work involved in achieving the final result - which is to say - taking live keyed out video footage of the musician synced with the music and compositing it into an alternate environment - in your case animated ilustrations - very nice dark themed illustrations BTW - love the waning moon at the end - but in a side by side comparison I'm more enthralled with the video Seventeen - it takes me to more places emotionally - I'm definately feeling something from watching yours - it can best be described as kind of anxious foreboding - almost like reading Hansel and Gretel or some other Brothers Grimm - - I only explain all of this to let you know that it's not so much your work I find fault with - although I suppose there are some elements (3D camera moves for instance) that aren't quite unique/smooth enough to win me over - I make the comparison to justify my scoring - I feel Kreslings' twist on this artistic concept is stronger - You've done really good work but IMHO for the purposes of judging this particular contest I'm giving it a 4 cow score - continue rocking!
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