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Chris Joecken's 2011 Reel

Demo Reels : Chris Joecken's Videos : Chris Joecken's 2011 Reel

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Chris Joecken's 2011 Reel
on Nov 23, 2010 at 12:04:58 am
United States
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My general reel that include credits for direction of photography, motion graphics/animation, editing, and colorization.

To view more work please visit my website
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Re: Chris Joecken's 2011 Reel
by Ben Hess
really strong artistic style Chris! as a producer, I'd like to know your role with each clip, but perhaps I can find this on your site. which reminds me - it'd be nice to have a closing title card with site or contact info.
Re: Chris Joecken's 2011 Reel
by Bobby Broome
Nice work. This help me show my daughter what is possible to do on her syatem. Thank you for sharing.
@Bobby Broome
by Chris Joecken
Thank you. It's true that a lot can be done without a large budget these days.
Re: Chris Joecken's 2011 Reel
by Jouri Verhoeven
M83 :).
I like the way the audio is combined with the video.
I'm not sure if every shot makes clear what the intention or goal was (I don't even think that was a goal), but it gives a nice overall impression.
@Jouri Verhoeven
by Chris Joecken
I agree with you in saying that the reel doesn't give a distinct intention. If I were to say I had a goal, it would be to tease the audience with my talents as a jack of all trades.
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