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ChrisP 2012 Showreel

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ChrisP 2012 Showreel
on Jun 22, 2012 at 12:29:20 pm
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With more than 10 years of experience in motion graphics, animation and design for large and international advertising agencies, I offer a solid skill set and ineffable dedication to quality. As an ex [more]
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Re: ChrisP 2012 Showreel
by Christopher Poon
Hi Joe,

Thank you for getting back to me. My schedule's pretty packed all the way until the first week of September, this week being a particularly a busy one. Therefore, I am unable to meet the due date that you have requested. As for the rates, please contact me at for more details.

Thanks again

Re: ChrisP 2012 Showreel
by Joe Panepinto

I am impressed by your work. I would like to see a specific example of our character that will be the backbone of the storyline for our video. “Marie” is a middle-manager and has an extremely busy life. She is trying to manage her department/business as well as be there for her kids activities and she uses her iPad to stay connected. There are several scenes we will need for this project, but before continuing I would like to see your take on “Marie”. Here is a link to an image to use as a basis but I hope to see something in the style of your demo reel at either the :30 or :46 second mark. For this sample, it doesn’t need to be animated. I’ve also pasted part of a word doc that outlines the scenes.

What is your immediate availability and what are your rates? I need to have a sample for the client by Friday am if possible.

What follows is the full Marie story. Pick one location and (soccer field, airplane, kitchen...) and draw her in that environment.

Meet Marie. Marie leads a very hectic life. By day, Marie is a business unit manager where she is very hands on and straddles business strategy discussions, contract negotiations, people management, performance reviews, talent planning, etc. and the list doesn’t stop there. By night, Marie is a wife and a mom of two school aged children. Between a huge responsibility at work and a busy home life, Marie is always looking for an opportunity to optimize everything she does and stay highly efficient and effective as she is doing things be it at work or at home. And, now with mobility, she finally feels like she has better control of her life.
Marie uses a number of cloud-based services on a number of devices like her iPhone, iPad and laptop to stay productive and connected and make herself available to her team. Moreover, Marie does this from her office, her home, cafés, airport lounges and more. She is a digital nomad, fully embracing the idea that work is a thing you do, and not a place you go.


Joe Panepinto
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