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Chun Lim MoGraph Reel

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Chun Lim MoGraph Reel
on Jun 9, 2010 at 5:10:30 pm
United States
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Collection of my work from the past 5 years. Feedback welcome. Not sure why the frame rate is a little wonky here but you can see the reel on vimeo as well.
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@ Ron
by Chun Lim
Thank you very much for the comment and rating. I am getting feedback from different forums. There will be a rework soon so please stay tuned.
One of my favorite motion graphics reels
by Ron Lindeboom
Very good work. I really like your use of color. Nice work, Chun.
Nice reel. The clips are very
by Glen Montgomery
Nice reel. The clips are very slick. I think I loved the song the most, whose voice is that? Were you at the Citizen in Denver or LA? Best of luck man.
@ Glen
by Chun Lim
Thanks! I was at Citizen in Denver. The voice was Lily Allen.
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