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Color Correction Reel 2009

Demo Reels : James Brill's Videos : Color Correction Reel 2009

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Color Correction Reel 2009
on Dec 13, 2009 at 5:25:59 am
United States
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Grades I've done for broadcast, indie features and shorts, etc.

Graded in Avid Symphony Nitris and Color
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Re: Color Correction Reel 2009
by Josh Paulson
You are good at bringing out the best in each shot, and not just doing the same thing over and over to each shot. Shadows, highlights, making certain colors pop as opposed to flatly bringing up all colors, etc... Each corrected shot looked so cinematic.
Demo Reel
by Pepijn Klijs
Nice demo reel. Really like the fact you put the before and after, it's show the job perfectly!

I just put a showreel myself called "piet & paard". It has some similar shots (horses) that you might find interesting to look at. I edit it, but didn't do the color correction. But when I compare the original I think the guy that did the cc did a great job.
Color Correction
by vandashy404 sam
very nice Color Correction
CC Reel
by Erik Talbert
Well done. I will show this to a post production class I teach at Oregon State University as a great example. My students are very beginning, and I will have them create only one or two "before and after" samples, but yours is a great example. Also a cool way to turns these people on to the COW.

Demo Reel
by Chris Galgon
Beautiful job! I think my favorite is the bridge crossing.
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