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CONSCRIPT - trailer for short film

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CONSCRIPT - trailer for short film
on Dec 17, 2009 at 4:27:09 am
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The Trailer for Conscript. Conscript is a Short film shot entirely on greenscreen that tells the story of two Aliens who fall in love but are torn apart as he is forced into the military to invade e [more]
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by Gary Porter
Science fiction is the pallet on which we tell stories of the human condition. The use of aliens is a safety net we often use to parallel what we think or feel or want to protest against. However, I think the trailer does a nice job of reminding us about things like the cost of war being far more than sheer numbers. As MacRae said, those who loved and were loved. We watch with detachment as ships and tanks and buildings are blown to smithereens not thinking of those inside who perish, and those outside who are touched by the loss. I have not seen the film, however I deeply wish I could. This looks like a great tribute film.
by Jacob Owens
thanks for the feedback!

Ron, you're exactly right that this is a very "human story." My goal with the makeup was to give them an alien feel without taking away from the human side of the actors and people get taken out of the story (with silly alien antennas or something like that). We had 4 days to plan the entire film and then 3 days to shoot, with barely any money at all, so some of the production qualities had to get compromised, to make sure that the story was the primary focus. I knew Bajorans would come up eventually... haha.

The film is 10 min long and has no dialogue in it (just 2 lines of narration), so making trailers for short films can be quite tricky without giving it all away. I just made this to give a feeling of the film before it had it's premiere in September. The overall story of the film isn't about him going to war, but it is about how one single memory has made you who you are. I could have made a trailer that told the plot "going to war.... leaving his girl behind... will he make it?" hehe.... but I chose to present the idea that got me to make this film in the film place, hoping that it could possibly make other people think about a single memory that has defined them.

Love to have different points of view on my work :) Appreciate it!
I think Scott may be being a tad bit too hard here...
by Ron Lindeboom
I would agree with you, Scott, that the Bajorans need to stay with Deep Space 9, but I didn't need the text to figure out what the story line -- at its heart -- is about. I took it as a very "human" story about the things we do which define us. The concept of what would that final thought be that defines you, I find very compelling. It would be hard to pull off as a story but I find that far more enticing to me than if there are Bajorans or if the latex is visible. There are far too many movies that are technically perfect and yet suffer from no story. If the filmmaker can pull this story off, then mesays kudos to them.

Oh and for those who would like to see Jacob Owens' "Making of..." reel for this project, please visit it here.
Attack of the Bajorans?
by Scott Keck
Nice stylistic images. But undermined ( as many of these trailers are) by the music. The placid bed robs the visuals of any tension whatsoever. And I understand trying to make aliens on a budget.. but really? 3 big zits on their noses? And the shot of the young guy in the "transport" clearly shows the latex around his nose appliance. All trailer-makers should be required to make their first edit without ANY sound, dialogue or narration. If you can't tell the story like that, then you've got problems. The music should move the viewers' emotions along with the images and heighten tension, ramping us up to the final image of your trailer and leaving us with an unresolved itch, that only coming to see your movie will scratch. Without the description of the film (in text), it would be difficult to figure out just what this was about.
I have to say, this is one of my favorite trailers in the trailers section
by Ron Lindeboom
It is a brilliant piece of work, Jacob. I really look forward to seeing it. The only critique I would give is that the audio sounds muddy against the backdrop of such a loud music bed. It may just be my ears though, as I have horrible tinnitus from so many years of playing music. The images are stunning and I love the stylistic sensibility you achieved in the look of the film. Kudos from the artist in me, I love it.
Very Nice!
by Brian Berneker
This looks like another very good one. I can see it as a teaser trailer released before a full theatrical trailer, because it doesn't reveal much, but at the same time has a very nice dreamy and thoughtful feel.

The synopsis says he's invading earth, but the trailer doesn't show that - it could be a war on the same planet.. otherwise it's still compelling, and the arch isn't about earth, as much as it is about memories and timeless moments. Good Job!
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