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on May 29, 2009 at 3:14:14 am
United States
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Two politicians, members of a secret committee, reveal the truth behind an initiative undertaken by the U.S. government to control population growth. Concept loosely inspired by Des Moines’ recent s [more]
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Short Films
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nice work
by Mike Cohen
I am always amazed at what people can pull together in 24 or 48 hour film competitions. You take the typical run and gun short to a new level with smart writing, smarter acting and an interesting and consistent visual style - 2 styles actually but the important thing you often don't see in shorts is consistency and quality. Nice job
Negative Population Growth
by John Gleason
Population growth is a broad complex issue. If the general public is not educated, people will not make informed decisions about if or how many children they will have. When you have an entire population not willing to give up "the right" to have kids, the first time you hit your lowest bottleneck for resources, the controlling government will be forced into severe action in an effort to avoid the serious problems seen throughout history.

Here are some options a country has in regard to over population

Race/civil war
Conquest war
People deciding to have less children

I like conquest war option. Its more fun than education. Except America is doing financially terrible at wars. We would have to tax Iraq and get reduced oil prices to overcome the interest we are paying on the invasion dept.

Anyway, good lighting, audio, and some of those lines were hilarious. "Lead paint in the toys" "China beat us to it" Ha, classic!
by Terry Esslinger
Good acting, great lighting,good writing. I liked it.
Congratulations on being featured in today's COW newsletter, Jeremy
by Ron Lindeboom
We are featuring Consensus in today's Creative COW Newsletter. Congratulations on being selected, you have done some great work in this short.
by Phil Holbrook
It was funny, it looked great, the script was well written, and the acting was good. Very well done
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