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COpying effects to clips

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COpying effects to clips
on Sep 14, 2011 at 3:06:12 pm
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How to copy effects in FCP X from one clip and impose them on others.
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Re: COpying effects to clips
by Lawrence Eaton
You are correct that copying and pasting the "TRANSFORM ALL" effect will bring across all of the effects onto the one you are imposing them on.

It can also be achieved by simply selecting the clip and pressing ⌘+C and then Opt+⌘+V to paste them all to the next one.

To copy single effects across, I use the workflow of Control+V on the clip and highlight and then ⌘+C, just those effects you wish to copy across. In the clip you wish to implement or impose those same effects on, highlight the clip and then Opt+⌘+V to paste them.

That's my workflow at the moment, but if you know of a more efficient one, please so let me know.

Thanks for your comment,

@Lawrence Eaton
by Fabrizio Rinaldi
Thanks for the answer. But this is (still) the problem: I Control+V on the clip, highlight and then ⌘+C the effects I want to copy across. In the clip I want to implement (but that already has OTHER effects on it) I highlight the clip and then Opt+⌘+V to paste them and what happens? All the effects that already were in the second clip are gone, substituted by the ALL the effects from the first clip. I've tried different projects, different shortcuts, different clips and different effects... The Option+Cmd+V command always behave this way.

I loved how in FCP 7 I could easily drag&drop effects where I wanted, that was so intuitive and straight forward. I hope the next FCP X update fixes this.

Fabrizio Rinaldi
my videos:
Re: COpying effects to clips
by Fabrizio Rinaldi
In my experience the method you show copys all effects from the first clip and the Alt+Cmd+V command overwrites all effects in the second clip.

Fabrizio Rinaldi
my videos:
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