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COW - feature film trailer by Kitz Tan

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COW - feature film trailer by Kitz Tan
on Dec 31, 2009 at 11:49:28 am
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A Chinese peasant is given the responsibility of protecting his village's special dairy cow during a particularly harsh winter in 1940.

46th Golden Horse Award
- Winner of Bes [more]
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Rick Pearson, where's the story? It may be a matter of cultural interpretation
by Ron Lindeboom
Kathlyn and I love Asian movies and they are not like American films.

You state: "Could be a cultural difference between how the filmmaker's region of the world promotes films as opposed to my own so I will reserve any comment that suggests this teaser fails to work entirely" -- but then give it ONE cow? I think your "reservation against suggesting that it fails entirely" is, well, without reservation. ;o)

I didn't need to read the log line to figure out what's up in the story. Maybe it is because our library has many Asian films and we are very familiar with the cultural differences in Asian films, but it was fairly easy to follow. (And hey, any movie that includes a cow automatically includes bonus points, in my book. Just kidding.)

I am not saying that your opinion is invalid, merely that I felt that a little counter-point might be in order.
Show-Stopping Action, But Where's The Story?
by Rick Pearson
The trailer is a product of our times - opening big, sweeping us up in the epic, sprawling wartime cinematography - which is quite nice, but it wasn't until after I viewed the trailer and chose to read the filmmaker's log line for the production that I even had a clue as to what story was being told. Could be a cultural difference between how the filmmaker's region of the world promotes films as opposed to my own so I will reserve any comment that suggests this teaser fails to work entirely.
Great trailer. Keen to see the
by Marc Edwards
Great trailer. Keen to see the film now.
Great looks!
by Carsten Hoffmann
Wow this film really looks pretty awesome and the trailer is well-edited! I only think you should get rid of the subtitles in the first half that basically only say "jiu-er" - they are totally distracting and don't help one bit.
I really want to see this movie
by Ron Lindeboom
Kathlyn and I love to watch movies from around the world and see how various cultures use the storytelling process. We are particularly enamored of Asian films and watch plenty of them and own many in our library. This looks like the kind of story that you are not likely to see in American theaters. I love these kinds of "outside the mainstream" stories. Your trailer is very well done and the whole production looks remarkable.
I like this trailer very much.
by Leon Gunnarsson
I like this trailer very much.
i like the trailer
by mor chung
i like the trailer, it is very good.
Thank you for your great compliments and support towards Asian film!
by Kitz TAN
Here's an insight of the low budget HD to Film transfer film project -

As one of the members from the Chinese 6th Generation Directors, the film director Guan Hu was one of the few young film directors who got to direct a few feature length films and won some awards upon graduating from the renowned Beijing Film Academy. Later, he withdrew from the scene to get into TV Series directorial work for making a living while his schoolmates took over the limelight.

After gaining more work and life experience over the years, Guan Hu decided to come back to the film scene. The idea of COW came along at the location while he was working on a TV Series project.

The “lead actress role” was starred simultaneously by four Cow stars, appearing on screen based on the requirement of the shots versus their charisma.

The main actor Wang Bo successfully tested his will power and patience. He broke the record of a 100 takes for a single shot while having to be perfectly well-performing each time during his other 99 takes, waiting for his beautiful cow actresses to act naturally. Meanwhile, Wang Bo had worn out 39 pairs of shoes during the four months principle of photography.

The trailer took two days to edit, from rough-cut to presentation to Sales Agent/ Distributor. As a low budget film trailer project, no fancy motion graphic design was covered for this project. Therefore, pure editing with a nice concept behind was the only gimmick I could play. Initially, both producer and director were worried about not being able to hire me as an expatriate Trailer Editor cum Post Director. I told them, growing up from a multi-lingual and multi-cultural background, I might be able to just work on one international version to cover many of their marketing needs. And it turned out to be right. They were all impressed.

When client is happy, I’m happy too. ☺

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