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PATRZYSZ (English: You Are Watching) - CowdeR

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PATRZYSZ (English: You Are Watching) - CowdeR
on Feb 13, 2010 at 10:37:50 pm
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You are invited to watch the video clip of the polish rock band - 'CowdeR'.
This video clip was shot with Canon 5d mark II.

Greetings from Poland :)
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Sick -
by Jim Hines
that's the good sick not the bad sick - lol - it starts with the imagery in general and then the color grade for me - nice blood red tone - happy valentines - I also like the extreme old film look for this project - the shots you got from behind the singer where he intersects the light ray are nice - moments like the one @ 1:38 really create a nice horror movie feel - Great set/costume/artistic designer if you had one - just really good collection of imagery that all support the look and feel - The circle/dot/hole motiff nice throughout - cool moment @:25 - I don't understand the lyrics so I hope this isn't some neo-whatever as I'm a peace loving - live and let live kinda guy - but i really like this metal song - the band is not covering any new ground but they are walking well trodden sod very well IMHO - love the kind of call to prayer Arabic open - I didn't like the first cut at the zoom to the hooded man @:18 but the next move @:20-1 gets me back in - the second time @1:30 i like that approach better to the hooded man - sometimes the singer seems out of sync @1:00 but that could be me trying to put english mouth movements in where Polish(?) is being spoken - end might be drawn out a bit - good stuff though - 5 cows for the metal category : - )

Check this link out for some awesome work with the Canon 5d mark II
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