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Creative Cow: The Movie

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Creative Cow: The Movie
on Jan 1, 2010 at 4:35:58 am
United States
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Only one man can save the world from creative self-destruction. A trailer unlike any other...paying homage to a fantastic website. A vote against this trailer for the grand prize of the trailer contes [more]
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Re: Creative Cow: The Movie
by jeancarlos aguayo
its was soo funny but how one the guys comment earlier to much blablabla in the trailer
the creative cow video
by tony sanabria
I love the moo moos at the end. they cow kicks butt. i love this vid.
The moo moos at the end
by tony sanabria
I agree the moo moos at the end where great. I like this video. The cow kicks butt.
Brilliant!! ..and funny. Rafael
by Rafael Amador
..and funny.
by Carsten Hoffmann
A great idea that ensures a lot of viewings! Technically it's really neat, especially the first scene reminds me of 24 as was probably intended. On the other hand there's also the problem: This is a narrative scene, one that is way too long for a trailer to be effective. I think you could chop that down to a third without losing any necessary information.
Meh,Kurosawa did it first.
by Mark Suszko
Meh,Kurosawa did it first.
by Craig Seeman
Moooving! I am cowed!
It's amazing what you can do
by Jamie Hobert
It's amazing what you can do with a camera, a few friends, and a petting zoo. Thanks for all the comments. It was good times all around.
Will the full length movie be in 3 D?
by Mark Raudonis
Loved the final "mooos" at the end.
by Steve Wargo
(sniff) Kinda makes ya wanna live on a (sniff) farm, don't it Leroy?
Very good trailer. And very funny.
by Mark Simpson
Very funny but there is a huge quality drop from the opening scenes to the barn follow-up. So, the 3 rating. Sorry. But I love the humor and the sentiment. The COW rocks.
Now this trailer has to win an Honorable Mention and a lot of Bessie's Bovine Promo ;o)
by Ron Lindeboom
Too funny, Jamie. All of us here at the COW have been on the phone together laughing and watching this trailer. It is an honor to see all of the effort that you put into this and we truly appreciate it.
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