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Dan Parsons - DP Cinematography Reel

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Dan Parsons - DP Cinematography Reel
on May 2, 2009 at 2:50:25 am
United States
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Show reel featuring the cinematography of Dan Parsons. All footage acquired in 35mm, 4K, and HD.
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Re: Dan Parsons - DP Cinematography Reel
by Daniel Waldron
Fantastic reel and very well edited as well. Nice work.

To all asking, the music is by Hans Zimmer from The Dark Knight.
Re: Dan Parsons - DP Cinematography Reel
by Tim Parsons
From one Parsons creative to another, i loved it!

what did you use as the soundtrack??? i'm guessing either something Hans Zimmer or, more likely in my opinion, something from VideoCopilot's ProScores... but seriously, i wanna know what the soundtrack was from...

Good work, Parsons!
by Taketoshi Kumada
I saw the possibility of visual just expands thank for your demo reel. I loved the camera work of man in the hospital with super man by the shining door.
Awesome work!!
by aura canela
Awesome work!! great photography and very cool editing. Congrats!
Really beautiful lighting work!
by Ken Harper
Really beautiful lighting work!
DP Reel
by Kathe Stanton
Stunning, a story without a story, but so lyrical it hummmmed.
Dan Parsons Reel
by Brian Galford
This is so good I want to see the movies in their entirety! Can you shout out some titles?
Thank you!
by Dan Parsons
I sincerely appreciate all the kind words regarding my reel. I am humbled and deeply grateful.

In an effort to give credit where credit is due, I would like to mention my editor by name: Bryan Tuck. I specifically hired Bryan to cut my reel because I believe he has a special gifting for the perfect marriage of music and picture. I am happy to provide Bryan's information to anyone looking for an editor.
Dan this is an outstanding reel.
by David McGiffert
Dan this is an outstanding reel.
I look forward to watching your inevitable progress.
by Stephen Mann
Dan, I know I've seen your work, but this reel really rocks. May I ask what you used to score the music so well to the reel?
DP Reel
by warren henderson
Very nice work Dan! Did you edit the reel? Music flowed well.
Dan Parsons - DP Reel
by Ron Lindeboom

This is an excellent reel. Great work.

Ron Lindeboom
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