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DEAD WEST - film trailer

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DEAD WEST - film trailer
on Dec 17, 2009 at 2:08:08 am
United States
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Dead West is the story of how the western was killed by the horror genre. We are looking to release the movie in the spring of 2010. The trailer itself is pretty self-explanatory, as it was designed [more]
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Trailer is...
by Greg Brayton
not doing the film justice.
Wow, the video shots on this
by Jerry Jones
Wow, the video shots on this were so professionally done. The story seems a bit like horror comedy genres, but the quality of this trailer is so great. Loved the stunts and angles of the shots. Excellent job. It made me want to see this movie.
Good lighting, but story?
by Paul Carlin
Excellent lighting and photography. I enjoyed the trailer up to the :41 mark, where it all went downhill after that. I would cut out everything from :40 to :53.
Compression Question
by Stephen Ashton
Production quality is excellent, story has it's own wacky logic and the humor is dark. I don't care for horror but that's not the point - I would want to see this film. Now my question: What compression settings do you use to get this high quality HD picture to stream over regular cable or DSL? Can you only achieve it with Flash or can it be done with H.264 as well? Thank you. email
Thanks for all the great feedback
by Doug Myers
Thanks for all the great feedback on the trailer. I've been working on the movie for so long, it's good to get good feedback from professionals like yourselves. It psyches me up to finish this thing and get it out!
An interesting premise for a film
by Ariel Murphy
An interesting premise for a film and a great trailer that does exactly what it's meant to... Make the viewer excited to see more!
Looks like a story that will be a lot of fun to watch
by Mark Nancetor
Dead West looks like it has a marketable premise, the acting is effective, both the main and backstory look funny, the filming is good, the pacing moves well. All in all, a good trailer. And it's short, like a trailer should be.
by Paul Schiemer
Left me chuckling to myself. Fine work.
It really is an excellent trailer- in every way.
Not much of a fan of horror/vampire stuff myself, but westerns crossing over--- that's worth a look, definitely.
Great writing, timing, color, shots, wow-- it's a winner.
Good luck with it. Bound to be a winner.
Great Trailer
by Johnny Coleman
Great use of color and sound...nice twist...i would watch this movie.
I love it!
by Brian Berneker
I agree with Ron about the story and actors. It's very interesting and well carried. The editing works well and the light mood is balanced perfectly with the vampire plot suspense, while not giving away anything it doesn't have to.

I think that a lot of people would go to see this movie with the good storytelling alone. With a nod to Ron, visually it's no "300" but I don't consider this to be that type of movie. More something like "Every Which Way But Loose" meets "My Name is Bruce".

Honestly, I think the theme and format was delivered perfectly except for one thing (I HAVE to deliver on finding at least ONE flaw!!) The edit where he drops the bottle while lying in bed should have cut just as the bottle was falling out of his hand; the edit as it is now makes it look like he was putting it down. (and of course its' a totally insignificant point anyways)

I don't think it's the trailer as much as the format that will make more people rent this on DVD than see it on screen. Times are tough and people look for epic and mindblowing when they are dropping $20 for two sodas and a popcorn beyond the ticket price. This movie looks thoroughly entertaining and definitely 100% worth seeing, AFTER Avatar...
This is a great trailer, too bad it's so small
by Ron Lindeboom
It looks like a great trailer -- and it's definitely one of the best in the trailers section -- but I am sure it's not going to have the "uummph" it would have in a larger size.

Well edited, good story, the actors are convincing, the subtlety and nuance of some of the expressions is there and would be much more dramatic in a larger size.

Did I mention I'd reupload this one over top itself, which you can do, so that you get into the running.

Congratulations on a great trailer.
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