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CROSSWORD - Deckchair Orange

Demo Reels : Music Video : Mike Kren's Videos : CROSSWORD - Deckchair Orange

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CROSSWORD - Deckchair Orange
on Feb 10, 2010 at 10:24:22 am
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Crossword - directed by Mirjam Baker and Michael Kren - is the official music video to the song of the same name by the Austrian indie band Deckchair Orange. It is a digital Cut-Out Animation that giv [more]
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Very Good long Take
by Eduardo Souza
i´ve liked the illustrations too, it looks like "cordel" - brazilian literature.
I like your video
by Jim Hines
It made me feel good - thanks for posting it.
This one needs some more "ummpf" as it never breaks out of its groove
by Ron Lindeboom
Without the musician in it to cut back and forth between and to, this video lacks the kind of power and ummpf to make it happen for me. About 2/3s into it, I really was ready to move on -- not because it is bad, because it is great work. The problem is, it never breaks out of its own design constraints. By the time you get to the end, these constraints hamper the video. But bonus points for the alien abduction at the end, and so I give it a 4.
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