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Demo 2009

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Demo 2009
on May 10, 2009 at 4:18:01 pm
United States
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General demo of production/post products/services
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Hi Michael, I feel as though
by David Leaver
Hi Michael,
I feel as though you add some really good SFX and other elements instead of just music you would have a much better better view. It would speed things along and just flow better
Great idea, Michael, I'd try another execution of it
by Ron Lindeboom
Hi Michael,

I was wondering what voters would give one cow ratings to, and so I watched your video and some of the others that earned the dubious notoriety. I have to add that while I can understand why some people would give it a one cow rating, I think your idea is VERY GOOD and I would keep working on it. The opening is weak and if you brought some of your better ideas forward and opened up stronger, I think it would be strong.
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