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DEZERT PEOPLE LUCKY 7 - off-road racing movie trailer

Demo Reels : Trailer : Curtis Guise's Videos : DEZERT PEOPLE LUCKY 7 - off-road racing movie trailer

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DEZERT PEOPLE LUCKY 7 - off-road racing movie trailer
on Dec 17, 2009 at 10:28:58 pm
United States
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The Dezert People Video Series is back with our seventh release, DP "Lucky 7". Shot in High Definition in Baja, California, Nevada and Australia. Featuring Andy McMillin, Roger Norman, Larry Roeseler, [more]
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You can try to upload it to not re-compress but...
by Ron Lindeboom
...unless you REALLY know what you are doing, most people will not be able to see it and they will tire of waiting for it to stream and will just move on to another video. Your call. We do support "Do Not Recompress My Video" but we find that those are the videos that get the fewest views. Oh, and often, those are the videos which break web streaming conventions and so things do not stream, and often the video must be downloaded in its entirety before it plays, audio breaks, etc., etc.
by Curtis Guise
Wow, I chose to re-encode but I guess I shouldn't have. The compression artifacts look bad. Our films are shot primarily with Panasonic HVX200's and look great without the compression.
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