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DISCOVERING DEERPATH - historical documentary trailer

Demo Reels : Trailer : David Richter's Videos : DISCOVERING DEERPATH - historical documentary trailer

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DISCOVERING DEERPATH - historical documentary trailer
on Dec 17, 2009 at 3:53:31 pm
United States
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Discovering Deerpath is an award-winning historical documentary about the town of Lake Forest, IL. Although a relatively small town (population of approximately 20,000), history has been very kind to [more]
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Interesting piece.
by Paul Schiemer
Good start, then it grinds to a halt with all the slo-mo teaming up toward the end.
A trailer needs to leave the viewer compelled to take the next step- go see the flick or buy the DVD.
End on an up note.

Graphics were odd. (Like looking at one of those emergency cards in a seat back airliner...)
Same goes for the titles - could be better.

Some really great shots in there, and the B&W items were very clean (must have been retouched?)
Audio is clear and tight.

Good start- just apply the slo-mo thing judiciously to bring home a point, not force onto the whole piece. (I'm just saying- it left me with that feeling.)
I'd like to see the show- learn about place, so it did a fair job of informing the salient points. (Ain't that the goal?!)

Just want it to be highly polished, like the images lend it. (try a 10% limit on the slo-mo, so it still has 'action' implied- especially for a trailer.)
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