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Don't book over the internet

Demo Reels : Short Film : rick janzen's Videos : Don't book over the internet

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Don't book over the internet
on Mar 13, 2010 at 12:35:05 am
A mix of 3d and live footage
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Re: Don't book over the internet
by rick janzen
Hi Uncle Tom, how are things? Funny you should show up here. How's the family? I'm sure you would find people who have 2 different stories about booking over the internet. I have also had good luck with Hotels over the net, but the subject does leave itself wide open for comic humor. I was just playing around with some 3d models and a green screen. Keep checking in to see what I come up with next. PS. Mom thought it was funny, you can't go wrong with your moms approval. Talk to you later.

Re: Don't book over the internet
by Tomas Wc
Rick....didn't like that knock on discount Hotel/Motel as I've found you do get nice I published a Hotel/Motel discount book from Mi. to Fla. on I75..for Canadians going south..
The only problem is they can tell you the discount rooms have been taken and you have to pay regular price but the Hotel/Motel discount rooms are well worth the money...Tomas (Uncle Tom)
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