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dont have a cow man

Demo Reels : Support : pat fitz's Videos : dont have a cow man

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dont have a cow man
on Apr 20, 2011 at 9:20:32 pm
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tornado test i made based on tutorial
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Re: dont have a cow man
by Konrad Broer
The cow at the end rules.
Re: dont have a cow man
by pat fitz
Hi Rob,
thanks for reply!
i finally got so frustrated with the speed i did a time stretch from 100 to 2000 on the layer to get the slower effect. then just duplicated the layer and tweaked effect. the sky was done with liquify and keyframed percentage, i still have a long way to go on this effect but am getting there.

yours truly,
Pat fitz
Re: dont have a cow man
by Rob Mize
Hi, Pat...

Nice work... the camera shake is a nice touch. I also like the speed of the funnel (tornadoes appear deceptively slow). Finally, the sky looks great.

Thanks for your feedback.

Rob Mize
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