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DON'T SPEAK - Mark Croft

Demo Reels : Music Video : John Urban's Videos : DON'T SPEAK - Mark Croft

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DON'T SPEAK - Mark Croft
on Jan 19, 2010 at 7:06:26 am
United States
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Produced and Directed by John Urban for musician Mark Croft.
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One element too many
by Jim Hines
Great song - fantastic musicians - terrific pictures - Excellent lighting - One element too many - the EMT portion of the video leaves me saying "what?" - Maybe that is a good marketing scheme - you remember it because of a confusion factor - the song though is strong enough, it's kind of stuck in my head wich is p****** me off :-) - leave that EMT element out and I give it 5 cows - The ballroom dancing shots at the end had they been interspresed throughout would have been enough to offset and add "elegance" and "energy" to the great shots you got of the guys on stage. Rock on!
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