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ERASE IT - Pivot

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ERASE IT - Pivot
on Jan 20, 2010 at 8:15:05 pm
United States
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Don't waste your child's mind with anger and violence! There is a future!
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I like this song -
by Jim Hines
I'm not so crazy about the video - and so this is a "video" contest and I will base the score on that - I like how it begins a lot and the ends=ing with the throw to the dog - It's not that I don't like the effect you put on the band scenes I'm just not understanding why - at some point I would like to see what these guys look like - the kid did not grow up to be the lead singer obviously and I question that choice - as from what I can tell even through the color effect it would have been at the very least better casting - kid kinda looked like the singer - for my taste too much build up to the tv smash - but you did smash one so add a cow to the final score - lol - the part where the tv image scales out from the eyeball maybe it could have been given an eliptical mask - maybe- why the 3D render of the stairway? the cut to the beat around 1:40 - I would like to have seen a little more of that - cool transition around 2:29 but then you cut back to the kid for a frame or so and then the foot melding to the older one and back to the kid and then the melding to the older kid - the frames back to the young kid bug me - your corner pin effect is well done ---- uh - okay - just my opinions - the video would be a solid 3 but I do like the song a lot and you did smash a tv so - 4 cows - Rock on!
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