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eZBall Game Demo (3-6-2011)

Demo Reels : Thomas Noble's Videos : eZBall Game Demo (3-6-2011)

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eZBall Game Demo (3-6-2011)
on Mar 11, 2011 at 2:05:45 am
United States
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This eZBall Game demo animation is my first attempt to promote this new game, so It could be better - I like what I have so far. It kind of looks like a new video game, but it's not, it's a physical g [more]
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Re: eZBall Game Demo (3-6-2011)
by Dave Rabb
Dear Mr. Noble,
Thank you for creating a unique and much needed game that all ages, and especially children can enjoy at many levels of play. In an era of hand held, finger activated, screen centered time filling toys, your eZball Game will provide a venue for vigorous exercise addressing all the factors of physical fitness including coordination, speed, balance,flexibility and endurance. I believe children with
"special needs" will especially be attracted to, and benefit from, your many faceted game.
Dave Rabb
Owner/Director. Children's Fitness Center,Inc.
Culver City, California
Re: eZBall Game Demo (3-6-2011)
by Thomas Noble
Not bad overall for a novice with a AV promo first. I did notice the audio mix is not as it was in earlier review. Too slow of build to action.
I'm planing some young announcer voice to fill the dry areas maybe stop action description dialogs.
It's fun :^)

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