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Color Correction Before/After Reel -, Summer 2009

Demo Reels : Patrick Inhofer's Videos : Color Correction Before/After Reel -, Summer 2009

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Color Correction Before/After Reel -, Summer 2009
on Jun 5, 2009 at 11:56:22 pm
United States
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The projects and images in this demo reel were all color corrected in Color using a Final Cut Studio workflow. For a Shot Sheet of everything you see, visit the demo reel page on our company website: [more]
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by Patrick Inhofer
Thanks Dale, Ron & Tim.

It's funny, a few years ago I talked to some people who hire colorists at a few facilities around town. I asked them what a colorist reel should look like. They all answered it should just be beauty shots. They thought Before-After reels were "low-rent" (my words, not theirs).

But then I'd find my clients really didn't "get" what I was doing until I toggled back and forth. Suddenly they'd see the possibilities. Then it took me 2 years to gather enough high-quality material to fill two minutes. Since this Reel went up on my website in January the response has been terrific. While it doesn't necessarily get me the job, it gets me the phone call - and that's all I need it to do.

Ron - thanks for the opportunity for all of us to put our Reels up here and hosting them for us. Along with Services tab. You'll see me haunting the Color forum much more often.

- patrick
by Tim Wilson
I love the combination of wipes from different directions with the full-screen added. The variety of your "before" and "after" approaches is really vivid, and very engaging. Fantastic work, too. Love it!
Very nice reel, Patrick
by Ron Lindeboom
I really like the way that you used your logo to accentuate the clips that were "fini'd" and also the way that you let the image "pop back" for a second or two to reintroduce the starter image. It really makes your point. Well done.
nice work!
by Dale Thompson

Nice work indeed! you are really good in correcting color, that's apparent just about 8 secs into this video haha.

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