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FOUL WATER, FIERY SERPENT - documentary trailer

Demo Reels : Trailer : walter biscardi's Videos : FOUL WATER, FIERY SERPENT - documentary trailer

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FOUL WATER, FIERY SERPENT - documentary trailer
on Dec 30, 2009 at 12:46:43 pm
United States
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FOUL WATER / FIERY SERPENT is a new documentary feature film that follows the stories of dedicated health workers engaged in a final battle to eradicate a horrific disease in Africa.

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Re: FOUL WATER, FIERY SERPENT - documentary trailer
by Angelica Carson
Hi Walter,
This documentary is fantastic. I love also your "Good Eats" production.
You are great, I wish to be at least 50% like you. My videography is a new passion and I am hoping to improve it soon.
All the best!
Documentry . . .
by Michael LaFortune
If one of the main criterias for a documentary is: does the film have the potential to make a change in how we view the world in which we live--then I think you have found a subject and presented it through the use of your cinematography and editing skills that enhances the story you are trying to tell. Very well done. As a trailer, I have to agree with the comment above. It could have been more powerful if it was shortened just a little.
The story is powerful but the trailer is simply much too long to be an effective trailer
by Mark Nancetor
As is the case with many of the trailers in this contest, this trailer is simply too long to be an effective trailer. It is almost a short movie in and of itself. I know so much about the story now that I really do not need to watch the whole documentary. I feel that I know most of what I need to know about this story just from the trailer. But it is powerful, and so I still give it 3 cows. If the story were less compelling, I'd likely have given it 2 cows.
A great piece of work, Walter. Now, can I go puke somewhere???
by Ron Lindeboom
Man, I am seriously sick to my stomach and never want to travel outside of my home again if the world is full of stuff like this, Walter. That people have to live with stuff like this is simply heartbreaking. My hat is off to you, Walter, I could never have kept my stomach long enough to get through this project. I am glad that you helped bring together the story. Excuse me, I have to go vomit now.
A comment on your documentary
by Corey Mckisic
Wow! I did not know about this until now. Very powerful documentary. 5 Cows isn't enough for this informative piece of work. Great job!

Corey Mckisic
by walter biscardi
Ok, I forgot to put up the warning Ron. Do not eat anything before watching this! :-) You should see it on the 50" Plasma or projected off BluRay disc onto a 10' screen. Can't wait to see it on an 85 to 100' screen in the theaters!
Dramatic and stunning!
by Diane Hawkins-Cox
I'd heard of Guinea worm, but I never understood how horrible it was until I watched this trailer. Five cows!
Wow, who knew. Nicely put together.
by david danilowicz
Wow, who knew. Nicely put together.
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