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Fruit Roll Ups

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Fruit Roll Ups
on Aug 20, 2010 at 7:49:20 pm
United States
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Here is a commercial for Fruit Rollups, for which I created the sound design.
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Re: Fruit Roll Ups
by Tomas Marsh
I did the sound design for this, actually mostly foley work, swinging a rope over my head, looking for the right sound, used a little broom on the grass for doggie footfalls, had fun making it match the visual. I wasn't involved in the mix, but I liked the final result. Thanks for the input!
Re: Fruit Roll Ups
by Scott Burgess
Well done. Nice mix, good build up to the full stereo band. Samples were clever and not over-used. The only thing I wondered about was the VO Eq? Was that the broadcast mix or one you did for the web file? Just wondering. It was still good.

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