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Full Apologies

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Full Apologies
on May 4, 2010 at 6:23:15 pm
United States
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This was a case study video we created for our website and for other purposes as well. Feedback on the editing and motion graphics would be appreciated.
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Re: Full Apologies
by Tim Parsons
Wow! for your first real use of 3D and z-space, that was well done!

One nit-pick, since most of the big stuff has been mentioned. for the segments from Motion, where the text boxes move in front of the blurred image... you have the 3D feel down, Now play up the 3D *space.*

what I mean by that is, make it more of a camera movement through space rather than just the movement of 3D graphics. anyone can create 3D graphics. anyone can overlay that atop a 2D image of a 3D subject. but the greats can integrate 3D graphics with the 2D image and make it all look 3D.

for example, in production, you might try moving the camera around the blurred person, having her turn her head to face the camera as it moves. then, in post-production, put the 3D graphics in the shot, making their movement match the camera movement through 3D space.

the resulting effect is that it looks as if the text elements are **stationary** and situated in 3D space around the subject, and that the camera is moving around and amongst all the elements of the shot.

That way, it appears as though the subject is experiencing/ thinking those text graphics along with us, rather than being simply an un-related element in the same shot.

Again, that's my humble opinion of a relatively minor yet vastly subjective portion of the video. The video as a whole was well done, and the message noble.

I do agree with the length comment, though, but, as you said, you had nothing to do with the script. understandable. it happens. please the client, right?

Keep up the good work!
David & Lisa
by Matt Campbell
David, I used Motion to create those sequences. I pulled in elements from our website to help tie it all together. First real experience working with 3D and z-space.

Lisa, thanks for the feedback. I hadn't really thought of it that way. Thanks so much for the feedback. I need to start paying closer attention to underlying details like you mentioned. Thx.
Powerful Tool for Target and Everyone Else Watching
by Lisa diLiberto
I watched this piece twice. Both times I felt the beginning was a bit too fast. It was too much at once. Artistically, I understand what you are trying to do in the beginning of the piece but it prevented me from hearing the narrator and reading the text. Your message is powerful but I had to work hard to find it. Invite me in with more balance between the elements. For instance the shot with the plastic cups on the table and teens standing around isn't as powerful as it could be. Focus less on the table top shot. The cup is a familiar icon of tap parties. If you slow down a bit with more interaction between the drinkers and the cups, the cup itself becomes a powerful communication tool with different meanings to both your target and a broader audience. This alone will have quite an effect. Technically the first edit from text box to text box was a bit clunky and made me aware of the remaining text box edits. Don't make them too long to read on the screen. Be mindful of your rhythm. The use of the website interface interacting against a dark background is very elegant. Sometimes I heard the music sometimes not. Maintain the rhythm of all the elements in this piece and the message to your audience becomes a communication tool empowering anyone who uses the site. Well done and thanks for putting it out there.
Nicely done
by David Waters
Really well produced video.
What did you use to produce the scenes with text with a box around over a blurry picture?
by Paul Logan
Good work! Absolutely heart wrenching.
Unusual approach
by Charles Mercer
Interesting video, Matt, nicely cut together. I try to make people smile in front of my camera, so I can't imagine how difficult it must have been to recapture the emotion you clearly show. But you have achieved a very high impact with the way you deal with the material and you have certainly set me thinking.
Great stuff
by Louis DePriest
As a High School teacher I hear about their weekends all the time. As a member of AA, I am glad for your work I hope to bring it to my school next year.
Feedback as asked.
by Fernando Tavares
Great idea, Great impact already. Now, Lower the music alitle. Put some power in your voice, without removing the "from inside" feeling that's great.
The text is very good, but we can not absorbe/process a very good text, and at the same time a lot of strong messages in the visual. Give us a time to listen, and a time to watch, and a time to read, just don't give us time to breathe. If you put only strong input one over the other, some are going to be lost. We get the idea of the website fast, so... clear the screen of it for a while. When you show posts on the blog or the website, let us read one or two strong significant words, so we get the feeling of the message. Thing like this. Keep it strong, powerful, but accessible for the brain. Its like fireworks. If you fire it all at the same time, all you get is a bright sky, lots of noise, lots of light, the feeling of power, but no beauty, harmony or elegance with the explosions and the effect they have. Fire them separately, and in well arranged groups, and you have a great light show to remember.
by Sam Chavez
Great idea. I hope this impacts teens and everyone.

Nice editing too, the audio voice was good & clear too.
Thank you
by Matt Campbell
Thanks all for the feedback. I must say, I can't take credit for the script or idea, those elements came from one of our amazing creative teams, I on the other hand was able to take all of the campaign elements and combine them into this through the editorial and visual effects. From TV to web capture and graphic animations. This was a huge undertaking.

I appreciate all the feedback. And Fernando, I appreciate the detail in your comments. I'll keep those in mind for our next, upcoming case study video.
Great work here.
by Jared Cicon
Aside from the social value, I like the use of the :30 format. In today's short attention span culture, there is probably a greater volume of youth willing to watch :30 at a time, instead of say a ... 3-5 minute video. Clever, philanthropic, a definite legacy notch, unlike most of the work we do as creatives.
Quite an amazingly effective work, Matt
by Ron Lindeboom
I have to say, this is a powerful concept that you have come up with. One that you have clearly landed on by using something that few people seem to value in today's world...the power of listening to the audience, and building the solution around what they tell you. It is why the COW has grown so huge in its market, far surpassing the companies with the multi-million dollar (and even billion dollar) budgets. There is always a way to reach the audience, most people never listen long enough to find it though. Congratulations on an eerily effective and impressive solution to a sorrowful dilemma.
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