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on Jan 17, 2010 at 6:40:04 pm
Netherlands, The
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Video situated in freaky hotel
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Very safe.
by Jim Hines
Okay I just critqued another entry - Can't Call Love - and the remarks I made there apply to this entry as well - obvioulsy these are my opinions only - You had a decent budget and you used it well - the cinematograpy - the story (I get why the band is in a tiny closet sized "elevator?) - the direction - the smooth cutting it's all 5 cows - but - but - the over all effect of the video is very formulaic - very safe - and from that stand point it doesn't do the job of making this band and this song stand out from other bands and songs of the same genere - so I'm giving it a 4 cow total score. Good work. Rock on!
I see a winner!
by Maaike Hoonhout
Hugo, your style is -as always- unique and not average.
I see a winner! Greetz, Maaike
drummer in de lift...
by Tim Visterin

De drummer in de lift had van mijn part heel het nummer gemogen, had ook goed geweest.

Exactly what I'd expect this song's video to be...
by Ron Lindeboom
Watched it a couple of times and couldn't figure out the story, except that the lead singer seems to be trapped by his hat in a small room where he changes into his own bass player and then his drummer. He changes so much that I am sure that he will suffer permanent chromosome damage.

Intermittently, he dreams that he's a woman who looks amazingly like the Pall Mall cigarettes girl from the 1940s and 50s, and he changes into her at the end. It would have been more effective had she torn her way out of him, casting off the husk of damaged chromosomes, picking up his hat, throwing her Pall Mall cigarettes cap to the floor -- walking away wearing his hat and showing off her vastly improved visage.

The woman in the bathtub makes me afraid to ever bathe again and I never want another sandwich wrapped in Saran® Wrap...ever, after seeing what happened to the girl that forgot to unwrap her food before she lifted it to her face and tried to eat it.

Now, you know that this is exactly the way the story goes. Or something like that.

That is my story and I am sticking to it.
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