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Gerry Curtis Before/After Color Correction Reel 2016

Demo Reels : Gerry Curtis's Videos : Gerry Curtis Before/After Color Correction Reel 2016

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Gerry Curtis Before/After Color Correction Reel 2016
on May 22, 2009 at 5:13:55 am
United States
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Color Correction (also known as Color Grading) is not just about fixing problems but also a way to sweeten the look and enhance and emphasize the mood and emotion of your story, and can make an alread [more]
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Re: Gerry Curtis Colorist Reel
by Matt Surf
Damn, I really wish I could colour like that and I agree, the work of colourists goes too un-mentioned, especially when you actually see the major difference it makes to standard shots.
Just a quick tip, do you know where is the best place for me to start to dabble in this kind of thing so I can start to learn more about it - I have a Mac running FCP. Are there any (affordable) prosumer tools I can use to get cracking?
Thanks again and thanks for the inspiring reel.
@Matt Surf
by Gerry Curtis
Thanks Matt!

I work with Apple Color which you have if you have Final Cut 6 or better. Maybe you should do a search on the Cow's Apple Color forum as well as some of the nice online tutorials here on the Cow.


Color Reel
The reel is great and your
by Jeremy Huff
The reel is great and your work as a colorist is impressive. These days think most editors here on the Cow are expected to know how to correct a scene here and there, if not the entire sequence. Color grading however is an art and you definitely have an eye for it. Thanks for sharing and thanks for finally posting. Hope to work with you soon.
Nice Reel
by Patrick Inhofer

I love Before-After stuff for colorist reels. We're like VFX artists without the backplates and the work can't be appreciated without knowing the starting point.

Love the music.
by Gerry Curtis
Thanks for the nice feedback, I really appreciate it!
by Tim Wilson
I love all the side-by-side shots! Very dramatic, and nicely balanced with wipes. Nice music, too - propulsive, yet didn't draw my attention away from the pictures. Very, very well done.
one of the best reels I have seen here
by Ron Lindeboom
great work, Gerry. Excellent presentation.
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