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GHOST STREET - film trailer

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GHOST STREET - film trailer
on Dec 18, 2009 at 1:34:50 pm
United Kingdom
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Ghost Street is the story of Tabby, a teenager who is knocked down on an average street. She wakes to find herself staring at her own inert body, and realises that she’s on the same street but in an [more]
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Re: GHOST STREET - film trailer
by jeancarlos aguayo
the beginig was something awsome but it fall at the end
Ghost Street
by Mark Lediard
Thanks for all the positive comments chaps, really appreciated. Ghost Street is only a short film (a little over 10 mins) so we didn't have a huge amount of material to work with. We were keen not to reveal our trump cards in the trailer which included the mangled faces of the ghosts and the car crash which takes out Tabby. This didn't leave us with much but I think we managed to edit together a trailer which properly teases the film without giving away the story. Just needs a gravelly voiced man . . .
"In a world . . ."

Mark Lediard (editor)
Very good
by David Dobson
Though I feel I've seen it a million times in that last few years.
Top Drawer that one.
by Brian Berneker
Very well done and properly targeted for the age group. Had you done it much more scary you might have still kept the students' interest but would have scared away the council sponsoring the production! It reveals the premise clearly enough to compel interest, but also just barely opens the story enough to make you want to peek in side. Well done!
Fantastic trailer. Good to see some
by Daniel Son
Fantastic trailer. Good to see some exceptional representation from th UK
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