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Herbert Samson Reel

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Herbert Samson Reel
on Aug 24, 2009 at 10:50:43 pm
United States
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I did several things in this reel. I did fx simulation and animation, 3d animation, rigging, lighting, compositing, photography, camera tracking and rotoscoping.
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I have set your account to go up to 100MB, Herbert
by Ron Lindeboom
Use 1.0 to 1.2MB per second streaming and you should be fine. Most of the best reels here and the big ones like Thomas Horne's which is the top-ranked one here, are pushing that datarate. If you need help in getting it compressed, let me know and we can assist you.
Thanks Ron! I would have made
by Herbert Samson
Thanks Ron! I would have made it bigger if it weren't for the 50MB limit. I'll try to post a bigger video.
If it were bigger and had audio, it would be amazing
by Ron Lindeboom
Unfortunately, at this size I cannot see most of what's here because it is so small and so dark. Makes it tough on the eyes. But what I can see is excellent.
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