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HOME - June & Dagny

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HOME - June & Dagny
on Jan 25, 2010 at 5:27:53 am
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A low-budget music video made by the movie group Zoom located in Tromso
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Man, I just can't get this song out of my head
by Ron Lindeboom
I am not a country music fan but I know a great song when I hear one. Of all the songs in this contest, if I could sign and develop one artist for Creative COW Records, it would be these girls. What a song, especially in the last third or so. The hook in this song is so deep that if you fell into it, you could do irreparable damage to your body. ;o)

The way these girls layer this song, it is simply stunning and if I was their manager, I'd be pounding the pavement getting program directors to listen to this and get it into rotation. There are some great songs in this contest but in my humble opinion, if I had to choose just one as being the best song -- not necessarily the best video -- this would be it.

Great song, girls. Stunning vocals and passionate harmonies. Stay friends, keep at it, you have a bright future if you keep your humility, your inner fire, and your focus.
5 points for the song
by Tim Matteson
But like Ron I'd like to see a new video. This one doesn't really work.
I am REALLY sorry to rate this a 3 but...
by Ron Lindeboom
...the music video portion with the girls singing is very good (and if the whole thing had revolved around them, I would have given it a 5 and said it worked) -- but the out of focus dark video of the apartment emptying is "underwhelming" and takes up so much of the total on-screen image time, that I am forced to give this a 3.

Sad, because I don't even like country and yet I can tell that these girls are VERY good and the band works very well supporting them. The song has a great hook and their voices are stunning.

But the dark apartment and the parting sequence of the girls sitting in the dark apartment just doesn't really work. I know the idea you are shooting for, and the visual metaphor works with the lyrics of the song. Unfortunately, the quality of the images suffers so greatly that it just drags down the video.

If it were mine, I'd recut it and use more of the girls in the well lit and well shot footage. Reshoot the story part with better lighting and fewer people. Make it a couple, let them live out the story the girls are singing of, have them each taking their "own" stuff out until there is nothing left. Let the girls end this singing (well lit) in the empty apartment.

There's my two cents...
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