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How do you remove an Object

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How do you remove an Object
on Sep 29, 2014 at 11:37:52 pm
I need to have the monster removed using clone stamps without messing with the 2nd object when she moves around the area where i applied the clone stamps.
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Re: How do you remove an Object
by Benedict Garcia

How do you remove an object from a video? I Tried clone stamps but the problem is that when another object moves to the same spot where i applied my clone stamps her hands are also affected, i need to remove the background object without messing up with the foreground objects appearance.

I don't have a "Clean Plate" by the way.

I've attached the video and would like to remove the monster behind her... Hope there's video step by step tutorial on this.

I'm still very new with After Effects.

Please help..

Thanks much!
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